MarshallFloyd is an entirely independent consultancy dedicated to helping small to medium enterprise make the best possible use of information technology.

MarshallFloyd works for you and with you to find innovative, effective and efficient IT solutions that accurately reflect the needs of your business.
MarshallFloyd receives no commission or any other form of incentive and has no affiliation with any vendor.
MarshallFloyd sells no other services beyond those advertised. The only beneficiary of the advice you receive is you.

Who Uses MarshallFloyd?

Businesses that want to take control of their IT

Businesses that want to align their IT systems with their strategic business goals.

Businesses that want the biggest bang for their IT buck.

The MarshallFloyd Advantage

MarshallFloyd offers pragmatic, realistic and practical advice.

MarshallFloyd draws on decades of real world experience in the commercial software industry providing consultancy, training, analysis, design and development services, primarily for small to medium enterprise.

MarshallFloyd has extensive experience working with small IT teams where bang for your buck is essential.