Make Your People More Profitable

MarshallFloyd is an IT management consultancy that specialises in working with small to medium businesses to make their people more profitable.

CEOs are often too busy doing what they love to effectively manage their IT. This typically leaves staff inefficient and demotivated, and customers unhappy and disengaged, costing the business tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.

By tapping in your team’s exceptional knowledge of your business and its systems, and measuring their responses, we can apply 5 key principles that ensure that over time your IT provides a solid FOUNDATION and gives your team the ASSISTANCE that it needs. We SIMPLIFY your activities and help you ENGAGE with your customers, and finally, we help you develop an investment plan to STRENGTHEN your organisation.

IT is no longer about what technology can or can’t do; it is simply about what you want it to do. But there is so much diversity, it’s almost impossible to comprehend the myriad of offerings. And that’s why we’re here: to help you make the right decisions and to ensure that your business continues to deliver your dreams.