March 1, 2019 Stewart Marshall


Business leaders typically offload responsibility for IT.

It’s usually left to the finance team to ‘manage’.

But this innocuous request is a tiny mistake that has enormous consequences.

The issue is one of mindset.

If we ‘manage’ something, we’re reacting to events.

But best practice with IT demands that we’re proactive.

It needs to be driven, not managed.

But without this drive, there are 3 issues that cost hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars every year.

✖ There’s no innovation culture and minimal investment in technology

✖ The team suffers. Productivity is reduced, morale is low, employee turnover is high and wage costs increase

✖ Prospect and customer engagement is poor. Brand loyalty is lower and customer churn is higher

But if you take control and drive technology

✅ You’ll invest in assets that deliver ongoing value

✅ You’ll increase productivity, retain more of your team and reduce employee costs

✅ You’ll attract more prospects, create a better customer experience and improve customer lifetime value

And all it takes is a change of thinking, a new perspective.

Want to learn how?

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