10 ideas to help you choose the right value added reseller (VAR)

If you’re thinking of buying a package, here are few idea to help you pick the right value added reseller.

Pick the package that solves your problems, then the VAR. Don’t just pick them because they were presenting your preferred package.

If buying a standard package, find a VAR with experience in your industry. This will simplify communications and should allow them to offer insights into your workflow and practices.

Package support is just as important as hardware. Do they have a formal process that’s professional, predictable and thorough?

Are they available 365x24x7 or just regular office hours? Make sure they match your needs.

What are their response times and do they provide onsite service?

Did you check their reputation? This too important to leave to chance, so DON’T BE LAZY and do your research. Talk to their clients. They will of course be tame customers, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get a biased opinion.

How long has the VAR been in business? Is it a growing organisation?

How long have they been working with the product?

Do they have expertise in the package and do they have strength in depth and fallback options to cover leave, sickness and busy times?

As ever, DON’T BUY ON PRICE! What you pay and what it will cost are not the same.

Today’s Top Takeaway

Choosing your mode of transport first will limit your choice of destination

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