May 13, 2019 Stewart Marshall


What’s stopping CEOs, CFOs et al from enthusiastically grabbing the opportunities that modern tech has to offer?

A lack of understanding of the benefits?

Fear of the unknown?

A lack of trust?

Opinions based on knowledge from many years ago?

Poor experiences with failed solutions?

Vendors with big promises but poor delivery?

A lack of support?

A lack of motivation?

Fear of failure?

A big IT bill and no obvious ROI?

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?

Close enough is good enough?




Or something else?

There’s no doubt that the right IT greatly improves profit per person

It increases efficiency & productivity, helping your team deliver more value

It raises morale. reducing business interruption & recruitment costs

It engages with your clients and prospects, increasing customer lifetime value and reducing marketing costs

If helps you stay ahead of the competition

But at least 33% of mid-tier businesses aren’t innovating

And of those that do, for many the results are no better than if they’d done nothing

The next industrial revolution is happening all around us and those who grasp today’s opportunities have everything to gain

Those who don’t have everything to lose

What’s stopping you?

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