February 22, 2019 Stewart Marshall


I met with a business owner recently who understands the value and importance of IT in not just his business, but his industry as well.

So buoyed is he by the opportunities that technology represents, he’s come to the conclusion that his industry is ripe for disruption.

And if someone’s going to do it, it might just as well be him.


To some, his ideas and dreams may seem grandiose, and perhaps even revolutionary.

But to me, they make perfect sense.

And that’s because they’re based on the 3 KEY SUCCESS FACTORS businesses should focus on when it comes to technology.


Technology is there to help us be better at what we do. If we address the needs of the people interacting with it, we become more efficient, productive, accurate and better communicators.


Culture flows down. By leading from the front, innovation will permeate the whole business. He’ll energise the team, and reduce staff turnover and business interruption costs.


With many small changes, the business can accelerate smoothly, minimising disruption and maximising gains.

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