February 28, 2018 Stewart Marshall

90% of SMEs Have No IT Strategy

I’m going to retract my previous assertion that 50% of business have no IT strategy.

Instead, I’m going to suggest that the true number is probably closer to 90%!

According to research by HLB Mann Judd, only 20% of SMEs have a business plan, and if management and owners haven’t formulated a policy for the whole business, what chance is there that they’ve given any real thought as to how their IT funds are best deployed.

As ever, this begs the question as to why?

“The research suggests it is not for a lack of wanting, or a shortage of ideas – 98 per cent of the businesses surveyed believe they have opportunities for growth, and most have ideas of how to achieve it.”

“Instead, it seems knowing how to create a plan that is meaningful and workable is the primary roadblock.”

Today’s Top Takeaway

Succeed with a plan and learn from your mistakes. Succeed without one and remain ignorant.

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