According to CSIRO, that’s pretty much where we are

In it’s ‘Australian National Outlook 2060’ report it sees 2 possible futures

One is a modern successful Australia that’s embraced technology and social change

The other is future where Australia is a shadow of it’s former self

A stagnant, regressive nation clinging grimly to it’s past of growing things and digging big holes

If we carry on as we are today, the latter is our future

The report identifies 5 key shifts for industry, urban, energy, land and culture

As an innovator, it’s industry that interests me

CSIRO says, “Industry shift – Boost productivity in established industries, prepare workforce for jobs of the future, and invest in innovative industries”

If you’re a business leader, you can start to address the first two immediately

And it won’t need wholesale change

Just a tweak here or there and a little strategic investment

There is a raft of new technology available that can streamline your activities, and upskilling the team has never been a bad investment

But this all requires a mindset shift first

It needs leaders at all levels to embrace a modern forward thinking Australia

Without it, our destiny will be to live in the past

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