My much loved Subaru Forester has an oil leak

I know because it drips on the exhaust, creating a plume of white smoke

I delayed getting it fixed until I was ready for the car to be off the road

I’d been topping up the oil, but it seems the fault caused the power steering fluid to leak too

I hadn’t noticed that

The power steering pump died yesterday

I was going to make a video yesterday, but instead I spent it dealing with the car

If only I’d fixed the leak

If only I’d noticed the drop in fluid

If only…

You know you have faults with your IT

You know it could serve your business better

You know you should bite the bullet and sort it out

But it’s end of financial year soon

It can wait until the new one

Or until you’re ready, whenever that might be

It can wait until you’re forced to fix it

An expert would have known that I risked greater damage, but I never asked one

An expert will be able to tell you about the knock on effects of your issues

My stitch in time would have saved me a few hundred dollars

Your stitch in time will save you hundreds of thousands in wages, recruitment, interruption costs, marketing, lost sales and more

Perhaps you should talk to an expert

Perhaps we should have a chat today

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