Who Are We?

IT Expert and Commercial Design Thinker

MarshallFloyd CEO and founder Stewart Marshall spent 20 years working in the commercial software industry designing and building solutions used by thousands of businesses in Australia and around the world, including Proctor and Gamble, Kelloggs and Honda, and noticed how the same IT mistakes kept being repeated.

“Most CEOs think of IT as a cost to their business,” says Stewart. “when really, it’s an asset and an enabler, and its purpose is to help them run efficiently and communicate effectively with their customers.”

And so, giving up his corporate career, Stewart launched MarshallFloyd. Its mission, to change the way that business leaders view IT within their organisation.

“Every client is different, but at their core are the people who actually run their business. First and foremost, this is about education and working with CEOs and their team to help them understand and better engage with their systems. They may well find that they need to buy something new, but it’s “People first, technology second””.

“If all we did was implement a new solution and leave, it would be a waste of time and money. We need the whole business to work together to maximise the value, whether that’s with something new or using the technology that they already have.”

But while education is a driving force, Stewart’s real passion is innovation.

“George Bernard Shaw said that progress is impossible without change, so unless we question the norms and conventions that we recognise, we remain just one of the many. To make a real difference, we must challenge the status quo, take calculated risks and find innovative solutions that help us stand out from the crowd.”

Stewart’s vision is of a business world that enthusiastically embraces the opportunities of modern technology but understands that it’s their team that matters most.

“This is not about computers or digital transformation or artificial intelligence. This is all about people. It’s about your team and the tools you give them so that they can run your business efficiently and effectively. You wouldn’t make a chef use blunt knives any more than you’d buy 20 year old fleet vehicles. Why then would you have sub-standard IT systems?”

“Technology is there to enhance human capabilities. The more you help your team, the more they will help you”

“And that’s the big idea. Technology will make your people more profitable”