About MarshallFloyd

At MarshallFloyd, we understand that the technological landscape is changing faster than ever.

But whether it’s the emergence of The Cloud, wearable devices, mobility or the Internet of Things, the basic needs of a business and the fundamentals of Information Technology have remained unchanged for many years.

We view Information Technology as a critical facet of your corporate infrastructure, a tool to be used to enable and facilitate strategic business development. An effective IT strategy is an essential foundation for an agile and flexible organisation, and by placing your business firmly at the centre when assessing your requirements, we’re able to provide pragmatic, realistic and practical advice.

There is no silver bullet, or one right answer that will work for everyone. Each business is unique and each will require a solution tailored to its specific requirements to maximise the benefit of its investment in IT systems today and in to the future.

Who Are We?

All MarshallFloyd partners have decades of experience developing solutions to solve real world industry problems.

MarshallFloyd staff are more than just a list of qualifications, offering specific expertise across a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing, transaction based systems, healthcare and commercial software.

MarshallFloyd partners are senior, highly experienced, and ready to talk to you today about your business needs.

How Can We Help

MarshallFloyd offers IT Health Checks, IT Audits and customised consultancy for small to medium business, that will help you make the best possible decisions for your business, aligning your IT systems and solutions with your needs.

We help you find the right vendors and the right solutions to solve your problems, finding the right answer, not just the first.