May 15, 2019 Stewart Marshall


No one ever got fired for buying #IBM

That was the conventional wisdom when I started 30 years ago

It was the safe bet executives could make

Today it’s #Microsoft, #Google or one of many more big name players

Do the same as the competition, be part of the pack, and you’re sure not to lose ground

There’s safety in numbers


…what if you wanted to be better than the competition?

What if you wanted to lead?

What if you wanted to stand out?

To create an edge

Just a small one

20+ years in IT R&D tells me you can

All it takes is the right mindset

But you’ve gotta want it

You’ve gotta be prepared to differentiate yourself

To make mistakes

To learn from them

It’s the R&D way

Then you can truly #innovate

You can use IT and the many new technologies to solve your problems, not just at a macro level, but also micro

Rather than papering over the cracks, you can fix them

Rather than working round an issue, you can drive straight through

Rather than being just a face in the crowd, you can be noticed

It’ll be challenging

It’ll be hard

It may even be a long way to the top

But nothing worth having is easy and the view will be awesome

I know. I’ve been there

So one question

Who’s coming with me?

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