March 16, 2018 Stewart Marshall

Affordable Digital Transformation


I’ve been annoyed all week, and it’s this perspective on what I’ll refer to as the bleeding edge of modern day web development that has really ground my gears

So I’m going to get it off my chest.

I wrote the other day that SMEs are effectively being priced out digital transformation because software developers insist on using these low level, low productivity tools that take far too long to do a relatively simple job.

Now, there may be exceptional cases, but I’m going to state quite categorically that the vast majority of SME requirements, when it comes to apps, customer portals and other such things, are really much of a muchness.

Nearly all business apps focus on making back office functionality available to customers or employees, facilitating their interaction with the business. They might be related to ordering, access to account information, task lists and anything else you can imagine, but they are all about smoothing the way, empowering the user and reducing the need for human interaction.

Choose the Right Tool

Given that there is such similarity, you’d think that someone would have made this job simpler by now, and of course, you’d be right. There are many tools dedicated to rising above the unnecessary complexity of low level coding and it’s these that SMEs should be looking for when engaging software developers.

After all, if you wanted to dig a big hole, you’d get a digger. You wouldn’t hire 10 guys with shovels.

So why would you employ 5 programmers to do a job that 2 could do using superior tools.

A look at my LinkedIn profile will show that I have a bias with regards to which tool you should use, but in truth, I really don’t care. My interest, as your should be, is that you get the biggest bang for your buck and that you maximise your profit per person.

Any of the high level tools will do that.

Today’s Top Takeaway

Understand your requirements and then find the appropriate tool. Don’t let trends and the flavour of the day guide you down the wrong path.

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