We eat just a few varieties because we know them to be safe

They’re nice, but if I’m honest they’re a bit…MEH!

But we could forage in the bush

We could try A LITTLE of one that we find

It might not taste nice

We might be ill, but we’ll survive and be wiser for the experience

But we might find one that’s MUCH TASTIER

It could become that little something we add to a dish that no one else has

The secret ingredient that wows our friends

We can do the same with our tech

This is how R&D works

We look for a problem and propose a possible solution

We don’t know ahead of time that it will work

So we try give it a try

It might fail

We might lose a few $$$, but it won’t kill us

But it might make our dish that bit better

Yet many mid-tier CEOs and CFOs err on the side of caution, afraid to take a risk

They stick with the varieties everyone else uses

They’re cheap and known to be a safe bet

But the result is an offering that’s just like everyone else

They’re nice, but if I’m honest they’re a bit…MEH!

Wouldn’t you prefer to offer something so much more delicious than your competition?

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