The IT in your business is an insatiable, ravenous beast that consumes prodigious amounts of your hard earned cash every year, right?

Tens of thousands of dollars feeding a voracious monster with an unbounded appetite.

And the more you give it, the bigger it grows and the more it demands.

So the more you feed it.

A vicious circle.

An miserable, expensive cycle that you simply can’t escape, right?


It’s not your IT that’s hungry. It’s not your IT that’s insatiable.

It’s your team!

They consume your resources 10 times faster than your IT. That should only cost about 7% of your revenue annually.

Your team can cost as much as 70%, or even more.

And if you don’t feed them, they’ll be weak and listless, and far more likely to look for a meal elsewhere.

Worst of all, you’ll need more of them to get the job done.

More demanding and expensive mouths to feed.

Better then to look after your team, to give them the sustenance and tools they want and need.

Let them feast and grow strong on your IT. Feed them well so that they’re more motivated, productive, efficient, accurate and informed.

Look at your team today. Are they well fed and fit, ready to run your business?

Or have you been starving them?

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