October 29, 2018 Stewart Marshall


Facebook has announced that someone breached its security and that 30 million accounts were compromised.

Before we all get on our high horse and demand that FB be punished for this egregious breach of our trust, let’s understand what’s just happened.

In short, someone broke in to the systems of a private enterprise by leveraging 3 flaws they found in the company’s product. They then copied some data.

There are 2 key points here.

1 – This was a sophisticated criminal endeavour almost certainly designed specifically to steal data.

2 – Whether you like it or not, FB is a victim too.

Some commentators are saying that FB should have found these bugs in testing. But they’ll say that of every blemish and imperfection that’s found, so they are then effectively demanding PERFECTION.

I am not defending FB. Perhaps they should and could have done better. I’m simply being pragmatic, because expecting perfection is naive at best.

No security is impenetrable. It is designed by humans and we are very much imperfect.

So, knowing that you’re at risk, what plans do you have in place to protect you and your business in the event of a security breach?

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