I was talking to a CEO yesterday who told me his $100m business was completely dependent on IT and would lose money at $200,000 per day if it stopped working

And this is a relatively simple business to business component supplier

10 years ago, you could likely have survived with analog systems

Today, and I’ll quote my CEO friend, “We have to have good IT to be able to operate competitively”

This is something all CEOs and CFOs should be acutely aware of

But that doesn’t appear to be the case

Rather than regularly reviewing how their IT effectiveness, they do it when they get round to it

Rather than using an independent assessor, the CFO or Managed Service Provider does it

But CFOs aren’t really IT guys, and asking your MSP is much like asking the fox in the hen house whether more chickens are needed

In short, many mid-tier businesses aren’t assessing their IT often enough, and when they do they use the wrong tool

So, if you want your IT to be the best it can, you need…

a annual assessment
an objective viewer
someone with no technology bias

and above all else, someone who’ll help you find the right answer, not just the first one

Get your IT right and it can save you hundreds of thousands of $$$

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