My newest and most exciting client is a domestic and international FreightForwarding and 3PL company

A mid-tier player in a market worth $187B by 2021

They’ve been around for decades, treating Aussie businesses like part of the family

But they’re battling the well resourced BIG players

So they’re upping their game

And their size and agility give them an edge

They’re not constrained by global, corporate policy

They don’t have to wait for decisions in meetings in far off lands

So they can be quick to market

But their biggest asset is an #innovation mindset

They’re embracing technology to help them stand out

The CEO has a vision for the future

They’ll still be mid-tier and still B2B

But they’ll offer the sort of personal, tailored service that only an SME can

They’re going to #innovate, creating their own intellectual property

They’ll build tools to inform and connect their people, their team, customers, prospects, partners, suppliers and more

Why are they’re doing this?

Because when we look under the covers, B2B is really customer and vendor, partner and partner, CEO and CEO

And it’s why human-centricity MUST be at the very core of your technology choices

Because B2B is really just person to person

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