February 18, 2018 Stewart Marshall

Back to Basics

The new data security laws are coming in to effect in a few days’ time and many SMEs have done absolutely nothing to ensure that they’ll have procedures in place to manage a breach. But then, that’s not really that surprising given that a great may will have only taken the most basic of precautions to protect their data in the first place, so expecting them to be Johnny on the Spot when it comes to a data security incident does seem to be a little optimistic.

This is not to be critical of SMEs though. Small and medium sized businesses battle constantly with tight budgets, difficult time frames and relatively few staff. Having someone on hand to manage a specialised facet of IT is a luxury many simply can’t afford or choose to give a lower priority than other revenue generating initiatives.

If SMEs are going to spend their resources on cyber security, they would be wise to learn a lesson from the hapless team down at Fedex. It managed to allow 119,000 files to be accessed on an Amazon server exposing “thousands of FedEx customer records, including civilian and military ID cards, resumes, bills, and more”because nobody bothered to set up a password.

Before you spend big on IT security systems and other technological marvels to protect your data from evil hackers, you should perhaps make sure you’re getting your security basics right.

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If you can’t even look your windows and doors, what chance do you have of keeping a burglar out?

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