March 4, 2019 Stewart Marshall


I spent the weekend immersed in all things dairy and precision #agtech with ‘The Ladies’ at BenMar farm on NSW mid-north coast.

And I mean “immersed” almost literally.

I gathered the herd at 5:30am and walked the cows to dairy across the paddocks.

I helped with milking and fed the calves.

I loaded their first house cow on to the buyer’s trailer, and I even helped rescue a new born calf from a certain death in a cold wet ditch.

Who said IT was boring?!

Proprietors Carissa and Karyn have an encyclopedic knowledge of their industry and know their herd intimately.

They can spot an illness simply by the cows arriving for milking in a different order.

But they want to know more, because the quicker they can spot issues, the cheaper it is to resolve them.

So when finances and the drought allow, they’ll invest in technology that will provide data on body temperature, weight, location and movement.

They’ll automate features of the dairy to precisely regulate feed volumes and they’ll automate much of the milking process.

This is small scale, organic, ethical farming using technology to improve the lives of their herd, the farmer and their profitability.

Data is the new gold.

It’s time you started digging for it.

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