February 14, 2018 Stewart Marshall

Digital Transformation in 4, 5, 6 or Possibly 7 Steps

When I started high school in 1980 the first IBM PC was still 11 months away from being released and we had one phone in the house. Today, every student has a laptop or Mac and a mobile phone of their own.

Education it seems is embracing technology and the classroom has already been transformed.

However, SMEs can be a little slow to catch on to these things. Large corporations have always adopted the latest technology in their efforts to stay a step ahead of the competition, but SMEs have often found it more difficult, typically citing the relatively large entry costs. But SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and all the other aas’s now make complex software and technology solutions affordable and available to even the smallest of enterprises and there’s no excuse for not joining the digital revolution.

As scary as this sounds though, it’s really no different to managing change in any part of your business.

  • You make sure that you’re working towards your business goals
  • You manage the stakeholders and get buy in to ensure as smooth a transition as possible
  • You take it step by step, adjusting your plans whenever necessary
  • You partner and collaborate to solve the problems outside your own expertise

Still, that’s just a very simple overview, so here a few more thoughts on the n steps of the stairway to digital heaven

4 key ingredients

5 steps

6 steps

7 essential steps

Today’s Top Takeaway

Digital transformation is like teenage sex: There’s a lot of talk, not enough action, and a lot of instructional videos.

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