February 6, 2019 Stewart Marshall


In 1991 a skinny, eager and ignorant young me in my first and only work suit, arrived at my new job as a trainee in IT support.

My first task was to setup my PC, an IBM PS/2 with 1Mb of RAM and an 11″ black and white screen.

28 years later and I use a 17″ HD laptop with 12Gb of RAM and solid state storage. It has an auxiliary 23” 10 point touch display and is connected to a network of billions of devices spanning the globe.

An extraordinary advance!

We are in the midst of a technical revolution and it’s getting faster and faster.

Yet a third of businesses aren’t innovating and of those that say they are, many are just playing follow the leader and copying ideas.

Few are truly breaking new ground.


Markets are packed full of slow moving, stuffy old businesses doing things the way they’ve always been done.

Analog players in a digital performance, waiting for a future in which they’re only a bit part.

Tomorrow, your market WILL be disrupted by technology.

And all it will need is an idea;

a dream;

for someone to DARE TO BE DIFFERENT.

And if it’s not you, then who? And if not now, then when?

The technology is already here. All you need is the courage to try.

Can I help?

It will cost you nothing to find out!

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