March 4, 2018 Stewart Marshall

Do You Have an IoT Strategy?

In my last post, I reported that only 20% of businesses have a business plan, and that it seems quite likely that most businesses won’t have anything remotely resembling a coherent IT strategy.

It will then, be very interesting to see the results of this survey from Tech Pro Research about how businesses are planning to get involved in the Internet of Things.

According to Wikipedia, there are currently some 8.4 billlion devices out there and this is estimated to balloon to 30 billion by 2020. That’s a lot of devices, producing a prodigious amount of data, and given that knowledge is power, this technology presents a considerable opportunity for those who make good use of it.

But without much by way of a business plan and the consequently minimal alignment of their IT systems, it’s hard to envisage how SMEs are going to reap the potential rewards, or implement solutions that are anything other than the typical whack-a-mole approach.

Today’s Top Takeaway

The technology is available. What do you want to do with it?

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