I’m just about to review the typeset version of my book “Doing IT for Money”.

One month to go before it’s published, and another timely reminder then of why we use technology.

It enhances the capabilities of the team, improving efficiency and accuracy, and we use it to communicate with our customers. We use email and SMS, speak to them on the phone or a computer, and have an online presence for shopping and raising brand awareness.

But these are aimed at selling.

What about serving?

We could greatly improve the customer experience if we better served their needs. Empowering them with self-service tools is one such way.

Done right, this is good for the consumer and business alike.

I was involved with the creation of a web portal for several thousand tradies. This allowed them to find out about upcoming jobs, billing and payments etc, reducing the dependence on over 30 support staff. It was quicker for the user, saved many phone calls, and was live within 4 months, easily paying for itself within a year.

Sadly though, a lack of IT knowledge and a fear of the cost mean that many businesses will miss out.

So get in touch today. We can help you identify the opportunities and ensure you find the right solutions.

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