October 29, 2018 Stewart Marshall


Far too many businesses opt for DIY IT to save a few dollars. But it costs them far more than they save.

We bought a house a few years ago and we wanted to decorate. My wife was keen to keep costs to a minimum so she suggested that we do the work.

Not being overly adept at these things and keen to have a high quality finish, I instead got a quote from a professional. Bob told me that he could do it for $5,000 and that it would take 13 days, working 8 hours a day.

I then considered what would happen if I did it.

I’m not a professional so I’d be half the speed, so it would take me 26 days. I’d also be using weekends, so I’d probably only do 4 hours a day.

That would mean I’d spend 26 weekends decorating, which is 6 months of not doing as good a job as a trained professional. 6 months not playing golf; not fishing; not adding value to my family. And 6 months of mess just to save a few dollars.

The same applies to your business. While you’re tinkering with IT, you won’t get a professional result and you won’t be focussing on revenue generating activities and finding more customers.

And ultimately, they’ll make you far more money than you’ll ever spend on professional IT help.

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