February 25, 2019 Stewart Marshall


Your IT is seen from 3 different perspectives.

The team is most familiar with what it does.

The bosses are most familiar with the results it produces.

The IT function is most familiar with how it works.

And these 3 silos lead to communication issues around IT, because none is overly familiar with the needs of the other two.

The best way to solve these issues is with the creation of evangelists, team members whose job is to bridge the gaps between the 3 silos.

Evangelists are power users intimately familiar with their tools, coaching others and helping maximise productivity.

They are IT savvy and act as the point of contact for the IT function, ensuring issues are recorded, managed and resolved efficiently.

They are the eyes and ears of the bosses, helping them understand team needs and where improvements can be made.

Evangelists bridge the gap between the silos, holding them together.

So appoint evangelists today, but avoid the temptation of doing it on a casual basis. Make it an official role and reward them accordingly, because the more you help them, the more they’ll help you.

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