I grew up rural Warwickshire in the 70s and 80s

Just outside Stratford Upon Avon, the home of Shakespeare

Being a bright young man, I was selected for King Edward VIth grammar school for boys

It was the school that Shakespeare attended 450 years ago

And the school’s Guild Chapel dates back far even farther to being built in the 13th century

Looking back it was an idyllic upbringing

We walked miles to the river and back for a day’s fishing, went on long bike rides and took the dog out for hours

And of course, the village shop keepers knew just about everyone by name and personal #service was the norm

But times have changed

I now live in a city and like many I use electronic media to communicate with businesses

But this doesn’t mean I want anything less by way of service

Yet most business leaders don’t understand this

73% think that face to face is what their customers want

But in reality, only 33% do

And 50% of customers think the buying online is important compared to 25% of businesses

So like it or not, the crowd has spoken and face to screen is the new normal

You can read more on this in my column over at SmallVille

Are you giving your customers what they want?

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