I was part of a CSIRO DATA61 round table discussing Australia’s AI ethics and technology roadmap yesterday.

The 8 core principles are that AI should

Generate a net benefit for people

Avoid unacceptable harm

Comply with all laws, domestic and international

Ensure the protection of private data

Ensure fairness and avoid discrimination

Be transparent and provide an understanding of how an algorithm was used

Have an efficient process for dealing with disputes

Ensure individuals and organisations are accountable for the impact of their algorithms

Creating a structure around an amorphous concept such as ethical behaviour is far from simple, but necessary if AI and machine learning are to continue to be used for the greater good.

And that’s the crux of the discussion.

How do we ensure the powerful don’t keep it for themselves?

How can the algorithms be democratised?

How do we stop those with agendas different to our own abusing it?

The questions are as ever far simpler than the answers, but the future will come regardless, and the prepared will prosper most. So start engaging with your technology today, and your business can thrive tomorrow.

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