Super excited, and a bit nervous too, after being invited to deliver some lectures at University of Sydney

The topic, “If you’re looking at the technology, you’re missing the point: How human-centricity can make you millions”.

For a punchier version…

‘Technology will make your people more profitable’.

This is the ‘BIG idea’ that underpins everything I write and talk about.

What I’ll tell the students is that IT is just a tool, an enabler that should help their people do what they do more efficiently. It should improve morale, reduce staff turnover and lower wage costs. It should help the business engage with prospects, and retain more clients to increase customer lifetime value.

Employees and lost customers are expensive. One team member costs $100K each year and half as much again to replace. And finding a new client is up to 25 times more costly than keeping an existing one.

But if we look at their needs and wants, we can create technology solutions that solve their problems and maximise the value of each and every one of them.

So, are your employees, suppliers, partners, prospects, suspects and more in sharp focus when you assess your technology?

Or are you listening to the bells and whistles and missing the point?

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