June 5, 2019 Stewart Marshall


NO! No you shouldn’t!

I’m here to save you money, so trust me on this one

20+ years at the sharp end of commercial software R&D teaches you a thing or two

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for developing software

But you need to do it for the right reasons

And sadly few do

All too often, the desire to make an app comes from little more than a thought bubble

And guess what, someone probably had it before

And as there are millions of apps on Google Play and the Apple store, it probably already exists

A few days of research to find the right one it is far cheaper than months of development

But, if you have an issue unique to your business and a user base you can control, you may have a valid business case

One I was involved in empowered 3000+ contractors and saved hundreds of calls to a call centre

But even that wasn’t actually an app

It was a website

And it’s an IMPORTANT distinction


Because websites work everywhere

Android, Apple, Mac, Windows, mobile, tablet and even a TV

A far more flexible solution

So, if you’re thinking of an app, is it the first answer or the right one?

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