Something very rare and super precious could be around the corner

A #recession during a technology boom

A golden opportunity too good to miss!

Tough trading times will kill off or weaken the competition

Some will diversify, spreading their forces too thin

Others will cut prices and race to the bottom

But progressives will focus their efforts

They’ll stick to core competencies

They’ll maximise the value of their customers and steal others from their opposition

And they’ll keep marketing

They’ll have an eye on the future because they know the recession will end

When it does, it will be time to feast

And they’ll be able to gorge

Because while the conservatives were hunkering down for winter, they were innovating

They were investing in technology to

Improve efficiency

Build a better team

Connect with customers

Deliver exemplary service

And stand out in the market

Profits might have been affected in the short term

But better times will be ahead, and business will blossom once more

Those who chose to hibernate will be playing catchup

And they’ll be a long, long way behind

I don’t know much about hibernation

But I do about #innovation and improving profit per person

So why not ask how I can help you today?

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