October 29, 2018 Stewart Marshall


After 25 years in the IT industry, and 15 in commercial R&D developing tools to simplify software development that are used around the world, I’ve seen the same three problems costing businesses hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars every year.

✖ A lack of knowledge means IT and technology are thought of as a cost

✖ A lack of effective investment means the team is inefficient

✖ A failure to connect with customers leaves them disengaged

To solve these, I’ve developed the “Profitable People Program” that

✅ Teaches leaders how effective IT will save them money

✅ Helps improve efficiency and staff morale

✅ Helps retain more customers, increase brand engagement and improve customer lifetime value

As an introduction to this program and to help provide a few quick wins, I’m now offering the “Profitable People Workshop” that helps leaders understand the root cause of these issues and how they can break the cycle and start delivering a superior profit per person.

So, get in touch today to arrange your workshop and start making a real difference.

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