October 29, 2018 Stewart Marshall


If I were to ask if your systems solve your problems, you’d most likely say yes.

But what about usability?

All too often that’s forgotten about because the software does its job and it’s perceived as being good enough.

But poor tools lead to frustration and inefficiency. The staff that don’t care too much will tolerate such things, but the good ones won’t. They’ll complain for a while and then they’ll go and find a new job with better working conditions.

Of course, not all IT system usability is ignored. Websites, the poster boys of corporate software, are primped within an inch of their lives because there’s a clear correlation between website performance and sales revenue. So, you spend big on making sure that everything is easy to access, aesthetically pleasing, the number of clicks required is small, performance is fast and so on.

You do this for people who might spend a few dollars with you. But when it comes to the welfare of your team, you do next to nothing, and they cost you a fortune.

Given the cost of replacing staff members, you would perhaps be wise to make sure that you provide the best possible tools so that your team is efficient, effective and energised.

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