November 21, 2018 Stewart Marshall


For as long as I can recall, suggestions that changes might be made to existing IT systems have often been met with management howls of derision and a demand to let sleeping dogs lie.

Attempts to modify functionality and to improve on the status quo have been knocked back lest they cause unknown issues and the sky to fall in.

Now, I’m certainly not one to suggest IT guys and girls be left to tinker without proper oversight, FAR FROM IT! But the liberal application of conservative attitudes to change also needs reigning in.


Because the ideals that drive people to say things like “if it ain’t, broke don’t fix it”, are the antithesis of progress.

We’re in the 4th industrial revolution and technology and IT are changing rapidly, and even well honed procedures and processes can leverage new tools and techniques. Many of these may only result in a small win, but the cumulative effect can be transforming.

So the time to start embracing them is now.

Those who wait will find themselves playing catch up for a long time.

Remember, this is not a practice session. You are in race against your competitors and they’ll be looking for an edge too.

It’s 5 weeks until Xmas. Can you make a small improvement each week?

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