March 8, 2018 Stewart Marshall

Implementation is EVERYTHING

The modern business and IT worlds are great. Seriously. I love this stuff!

The simplicity with which I can get my hands on a vast array of information, data, opinions, snake oil, and cat videos, is simply breathtaking.  It doesn’t matter what whacky nonsense I go looking for, it’s out there…somewhere. Humanity in its infinite wisdom, or often lack thereof, has nearly always already spent the time delving into the nitty gritty, researching, collating, and publishing its findings for all to see on the Internet.

So, when I was asked the other day whether G Suite or Office 365 was better value, you might reasonably think that I’d have spent a few minutes on Bing or Google digging up a plethora of information and comparative feature assessments.



I said Office 365 almost before the question was complete. Why? Because in this particular case, I already knew that the users were familiar with Office and that they’re basically vanilla users with no particularly exceptional requirements.

So, why rock the boat.

There’s no reason to change and any potential saving in dollar value for one vs the other would be largely irrelevant.


Had the same person asked about which anti-virus product, or which CRM, or which whatever, I’d have told them to just pick one and move on.

What?! How can I, a proper, grown up, serious, mostly, IT professional, be so blase about expensive decision making? How dare I be so cavalier with other people’s money?

The answer is simple. Unless you’re different; unless you have certain requirements; unless you need a very specific set of functionality, and most of you don’t, you’re a vanilla user and the main players in the market have you covered. You’re their bread and butter, and they and thousands of businesses just like are you are getting along just fine all over the world.

But What About the Cost?!

More importantly, and speaking quite frankly, I don’t really care about the price of a tool that much.

Yes, from a retail pricing point of view, there are differences, but in the scheme of things, so what if one is 20% more than another?

Yeah, yeah, I know, value for money and all that. Look after the pennies and so on.


A few grand here or there pales into insignificance compared to the total cost of ownership, and as I’ve written before and will doubtless write again, what you spend on IT is not what it costs.

When you buy a software solution, you’re buying an asset and the purpose of an asset is to generate value for your business today and tomorrow. So the only things that are really relevant are how and when you start realising that value to improve your profit per person.

As some said to me recently, IMPLEMENTATION IS EVERYTHING!

Today’s Top Takeaway

Team + Tech + Training = Triumph

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