February 11, 2019 Stewart Marshall


To innovate within your business, you don’t need to reinvent the world.

You don’t need to make wholesale changes to every part of your business.

You don’t need revolution.

Effective innovation requires simply that you make a positive change.

Some innovation requires new software to bridge a gap or to provide self-sufficiency.

Some requires little more than a tweak or adjustment to existing systems.

And some just needs a new attitude.

A large manufacturer used thousands of contractors, supported by many phone staff. With the creation of a simple web portal, the contractors were given much of the information they needed at their fingertips.

Innovation that paid for itself in a few months.

A former colleague had a chance encounter with a warehouse foreman whose picking lists weren’t in a very helpful order. A minor change saved many man hours.

Innovation that paid for itself within a few days.

Or a staff member who, with correct training, now fills out customer details in full ensuring greater accuracy of data.

Innovation that will pay for itself today and well in to the future.

Innovation is evolution.

But make enough small changes, it will feel like a revolution.

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