February 22, 2018 Stewart Marshall

40% of SMEs Aren’t Investing Enough in IT?

In Australia, SMEs represent 97% of all businesses, produce about 33% of the total GDP, employ somewhere close to 5,000,000 of us, and are responsible for 88% of exports.

This means that if you’re an SME, you are without doubt in a very competitive and very busy market place.

This might lead you to think that SMEs would be looking for opportunities to streamline their businesses, embrace digital transformation and adopt technology solutions to help them to stand out from the crowd and improve their profit per person…and close to half of them half of them are.

However, according to research by Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), “40% of SMBs acknowledge their investment level in technology is lower than it should be”.

And as I’ve written before, what you spend on IT isn’t what it costs.

Today’s Top Takeaway

A failure to invest in IT is an investment in failure.

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