March 20, 2018 Stewart Marshall

Is “The Cloud” The Right Choice For SMEs?

Adoption of cloud technologies can certainly have benefits for SMEs. Flexibility, scale on demand and having someone else shoulder many of your burdens are certainly attractive offerings, but as ever, we’re well advised to cross our Ts and dot our Is before charging ahead.

Outsourcing of IT responsibilities in one form or another has been a thing for many years now and you won’t be surprised to find that a quick search will turn up countless horror stories linked to dubious business practices, questionable project scopes and huge amounts of time and money being wasted.

Not surprisingly, the cloud is similarly blighted, and there is plenty for SMEs to worry about when it comes to adopting something as a service (XaaS).

For example, what would you do if you cloud provider declared bankruptcy?

Of course, such disasters represent a tiny fraction of all cloud business, and devastating as they might be for the parties involved, we shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bath water. The cloud is here to stay at least for the foreseeable future and may still represent a great opportunity for your business.

This short article discusses some of the misconceptions of the cloud and provides a 5 point checklist for those dipping their toe in to the murky waters of service based offerings.

And as ever, I’ll urge you to take a step back and assess your requirements rigorously and pragmatically; weigh up the pros and cons; and talk to the relevant experts before committing.

Most importantly, ensure you’re adopting the solution because your IT and business strategies warrant it and that it’s going to help you deliver an improved profit per person.

Today’s Top Takeaway

All that glitters ain’t gold, but it could be! Only good old fashioned analysis and hard work will provide an answer.

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