April 12, 2019 Stewart Marshall


For mid-tier CFOs it’s harder still

Firstly, you have to organise the finances of a multi-million dollar business, which is no mean feat

And secondly, more often than not, your boss kindly tells you to sort out the IT as well

You’ve been trained and have many years experience in the former, but rarely can the same be said about the latter

If the business were big enough, you’d have a CIO or CTO to help you keep up. But for most in mid-tier, that’s a luxury you struggle to afford

10 years ago, progressive, forward thinking CFOs went on training courses or undertook an MBA, in an attempt to keep up with the changing IT landscape

Today, the rate of change is exponential, and there are too many choices for anyone without specialist knowledge to keep up

And that severely impacts profitability

Progressive CFOs now use specialists armed with new techniques and technology to help them improve every aspect of their offering, delivering high quality services and exceptional value for their customers

The whole team has the tools and information it needs at its fingertips

They’re racing to the top

Service and the bottom line are the winners

Other CFOs are racing to the bottom, fighting on price

And no one ever wins that race

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