October 29, 2018 Stewart Marshall


Technology will make your people more profitable. This is my core concept, my “big idea”.

It’s a touch dry for a book title though, so “Doing IT for money” it is, and how exciting to see it on the first versions of my cover.

Sadly many businesses don’t seem to understand this fundamental tenet. They get lost in technology, excited and dazzled by the prospect of bleeding edge solutions that often offer little more than a new slant on an old favourite.

Perhaps then, a reminder of the 3 basic rules of effective IT use in business. It should…

1 – provide a solid and safe foundation on which a business can operate

2 – align with the business strategy, improving the team’s performance

3 – align with the marketing goals, increasing customer engagement

Note how there is no reference to computers!

The reason for this is simple. IT is not about computers. They’re just a tool to help your people be better at whatever it is that they do.

Put simply, IT is an enabler. If you apply this simple mantra every time you make an IT decision and remember that you’re “Doing IT for money”, you won’t go far wrong.

So tell me, did your last IT changes adhere to the rules, or were they IT for IT’s sake?

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