November 28, 2018 Stewart Marshall


Which CRM? Which anti-virus? G Suite or Office 365?

Who cares!

What?! How can I, a serious IT professional, be so blase about expensive decision making?

How dare I be so cavalier with your money?

Here’s how.

Unless you’re different and need specific functionality, AND MOST OF YOU DON’T, you’re a vanilla user and one of many thousand just like you. And that means you’re a bread and butter client of the main players in the market and they have your needs covered.

But what about price?

From a retail pricing POV there are differences, but in the scheme of things, so what?

Yeah, yeah, I know, value for money and all that. Look after the pennies etc.

But it’s almost ENTIRELY IRRELEVANT, because what you spend on IT is not what it costs.

It’s a few grand out of total cost of ownership of hundreds of thousands or maybe millions over the next n years.

Software assets should generate value today and tomorrow, so the quicker your train and engage your team, maximising productivity, the better. And when they’re as proficient and productive as possible, leveraging the tools and wringing every cent of value from them, you’ll quickly stop caring about the price you paid because…


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