December 7, 2018 Stewart Marshall


The technology in your business serves 3 major purposes

  1. It serves your team, making them more productive and efficient
  2. It serves your customers and prospects, increasing customer lifetime value
  3. It serves the business, helping it win the race against your competition

1 and 2 should make sense to any business leader. Technology is there to augment human performance, so your tools are assets that add value to the organisation.

But point 3 is something that many business leaders often overlook, and it’s why aging PCs aren’t updated, old networks are left to crawl along and software isn’t upgraded.

If you’re the only player in your market, the performance of your technology is less of a factor. But most businesses have direct competition, and this means YOU’RE IN A RACE.

And the one with the best technology has a distinct edge.


Because you all have a finite amount of resources to pay for IT, wages, marketing and so on, and YOU CAN ONLY SPEND IT ONCE.

Leaders are leveraging technology, spending less on people and more on marketing, selling and serving their customers. The rest are plodding along at the back of the pack falling further and further behind.

Are you keeping up with the Joneses?

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