February 6, 2018 Stewart Marshall

Know Your Customers

I wrote recently about the difference between the money spent on IT and what it ultimately can cost a business, and this touched on the notion of customer lifetime value (CLV) and delivering an exceptional customer experience.

And then I stumbled upon a blog article from the UK talking about the need for integrated ERP/CRM software.

Now, I have a suspicion that the writer is trying to sell his wares, but that aside he has a valid point. Unless you’re actually recording data about your customers, how can you possibly offer anything other than entirely generic and really rather bland service?

To maximise your profit per person, you need an efficient, motivated team and an engaged customer base, and you don’t get the latter by offering a customer experience best described as “meh”.

Today’s Top Tip

If you think it: INK IT! If there’s data that can be recorded, record it. You never know what it might tell you.

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