November 16, 2018 Stewart Marshall


Summer is coming, and along with it the likelihood of storms. So yesterday morning saw Mrs Marshall and I on the roof clearing the leaves, making sure the gutters were clear, and replacing tiles.

And a good job it was too. One had been smashed by a branch and the next deluge would have undoubtedly caused some damage.

There were of course many things we’d rather have been doing, but it’s all part and parcel of home ownership, so we faced up to our responsibilities and got on with our chores.

Preventative maintenance is a necessity if you want to ensure the longevity and efficiency of an asset, and of course this applies to your IT too. Yet there are many who seem to think that the systems and procedures they put in place some years ago are ‘set and forget’.

But since then, much will have changed. Some things will need to be adjusted, and others to be fixed. So you need a regular review to measure your IT’s performance.

Best is to ask your team how reliable and effective their tools are.

Are they easy to use?

Do they need training?

How they feel about them.

Without this you can only guess whether your IT is getting better or worse.

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