As I spent much of my career dreaming up technical solutions, selling isn’t my forte. So I spent Wednesday with Glen Carlson learning as much as I could. As always happens when I visit the Dent Global team, I’m given cause to reassess many of the things I think I’ve understood, and this week was no exception.

Sometime late morning, Glen wanted us to articulate our big idea: the simple statement that defines the essence of our businesses. This isn’t the first time that I’ve tried to do this, and while I’ve come close before, I’ve never quite nailed it.

I can explain that by innovating and implementing effective technology solutions…

► You can energise your team

► You can increase efficiency

► You can lower your wage bill

► You can better engage with your customers

► You can improve your brand value

► You can increase your customer lifetime value

But never before have I been able to articulate all of that in a simple statement. But on Wednesday, the creative juices were flowing and from dark recesses of mind came the simple statement that…


Get in touch today and arrange a workshop and find out how this simple idea can save your business hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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