The trouble with talking and writing about IT is that it’s pretty much as dull as [insert word here].

For most people, it’s in the same bucket as other inspirational subjects like warehousing and fleet vehicles. The implication is it’s part of corporate infrastructure, and not long ago I would have described it as such myself.

But while I was writing “Doing IT for Money”, I had an epiphany.

Warehouses and vehicles are specific tools. They perform specific functions, as do PCs and mobile devices. But what they do is less tangible, and it’s this that marks IT different.

Your IT is a data repository used to enhance the collective wisdom of your team, providing all that your employees should ever need when doing their job. It should do much the same for your customers too, giving them all they need and want to be able to interact with your business.

Your IT pervades your organisation providing assistance for anyone who needs it. It’s like an ever present butler, always on hand to satisfy your whims. A trusted aide who’ll do whatever it can to help you.

So it’s not just infrastructure.


And just like any team member, it will work best when you give it the same level of support that it gives you.

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