What is the MarshallFloyd Perspective

Computers, networks, mobile devices, the Internet and the complex technologies that implement a given system are simply tools. They are a means to an end, but they are not the end themselves.

Any IT system should have one overarching aim, which is to unite the people who run an organisation with the information that they need.

Support Business Function
IT systems are infrastructure. They exist to support your business and to facilitate its operation. Their purpose is not to replace people, but to enhance their working environment, to improve their productivity and to enable them to serve your customers in the best possible way.
Streamline Business Processes
IT systems should strengthen your organisation and free up staff resources. They should allow room for manoeuvre, so that when the need arises, your business can be agile and flexible enough to respond.
Stop Human Error
IT systems should minimize business interruption caused by human error. Computers can’t always produce the right answer, but they can certainly help us ensure we don’t find the wrong one.
Standardise Procedures
IT systems should document and enforce your business processes, ensuring that whenever an operation is repeated, it is done so in precisely the same way each time.
Spread the Load
IT systems should ensure that operations can be performed by several team members rather than there being dependencies on key individuals, reducing the amount of business interruption caused by illness, holidays and other enforced staff absence.
Summarise Data
IT systems should be able to provide meaningful management information on demand and almost in real time, helping those driving your business to better understand sales patterns and where savings in both time and money can be made.
Simplify Communication
IT systems should ensure that clear, up to date, accurate and relevant information is at hand whether you are talking to internal or external team members, or interacting with your customers on the phone or online.
Save Money
IT systems should help you reduce your operating costs by streamlining processes, ensuring consistent operations, reducing mistakes and identifying inefficiencies.
Sell, Sell, Sell
IT systems should help improve your customer’s experience, improving customer retention and ultimately increasing sales revenue. Whether it’s your online store, the system used by telephone sales and support staff or access to account data for the mobile sales team, the customer experience is paramount.