February 12, 2018 Stewart Marshall

Protective Policies and Procedures

Are you ready for the Notifiable Data Breach amendments?

As I write, we’re just 10 days away from them coming in to force and apparently only around half of the SMEs affected have prepared in anyway. The other half, one supposes, remain blissfully ignorant of their obligations or have chosen not to do anything for the moment.

So, kudos to those who’ve taken the time to sort out some policies and procedures to protect themselves, and a slap on the wrist and stern talking to for the rest.

More seriously though, these changes to the Privacy Act put the onus on organisations to make sure they are proactive in protecting their customers’ data, and this is something that can’t be resolved simply by buying a new firewall or virus software. This requires that you ensure best practice when using your information technology.

Here’s a lawyer’s perspective. Scroll down to the bottom for a handy checklist.

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