October 29, 2018 Stewart Marshall


I’ve spotted a disturbing trend. Most startups seem to have a limited grasp of the what they want to build, and that’s GUARANTEED to increase development costs.

So, a few ideas on what to do before you let developers near your baby.

1 – Get a CRYSTAL CLEAR image of what you want. A few vague mock-ups and the comment “it’s a bit like [insert name here]”, ain’t gonna cut it when you present your idea to a tech team or VC guys for funding.

2 – Single version – Do you really need an app AND a website? Unless you NEED specific device features, consider using just a website

3 – Data – Write a detailed list of every bit of data that your app will need

4 – If you think it, INK IT! – Ideas in your head are WORTHLESS. Write them down

5 – Keep it very simple – Unless you pare your vision back to the basics, you’ll spend thousands on features unnecessary for version 1

6 – Do your maths – Even off shore developers are costly. Know what your money will buy

7 – Make a plan and stick to it – Changes to a project mid way are ALWAYS expensive. Minimise them by getting your plan right before you start.

8 – You get what you pay for – Commercial grade software takes skill and precision, so pick your development partner wisely

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