February 20, 2018 Stewart Marshall

The Right Answer, Not The First

I am buoyed this morning by a rather excellent commentary on the subject of thinking, and for those who can’t be bothered to read it, the basic premise is adequately summed up in the opening paragraph.

“Shane, most people don’t actually think. They just take their first thought and go.”

Ain’t that the case! All too often we see half baked solutions and design ideas that doubtless resolved issues A, B and C, but left D through Z wondering why nobody bothered to pay them any attention, something that is particularly prevalent in the world of IT.

Take for instance, a well known nameless manufacturing company. Its website sends orders via email to a very nice lady who then keys them in to their system. She costs n thousand dollars every year, and because she’s human and makes the occasional mistake, she costs the company n thousand more.

Their internal systems and website are, as is commonly the case, maintained by separate entities, and no one gave any thought as to how the two might work together. Instead, the all too frequent whack-a-mole approach was applied and only some of the problem was solved.

Perhaps, as I’m wont to say, they should have looked for the right answer and not just the first one.

Today’s Top Takeaway

Finding yourself without time to think is a sure sign that your business systems and processes aren’t working for you.

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