Getting to market is one thing

But to stay in it you need to maximise your customer lifetime value

And it’s all about doing the MATHS


As computing pioneer Maurice Wilkes said, “We found…it wasn’t as easy to get programs right as we had thought”

You’re going to have bugs and they need to be fixed

So be transparent

Admit your faults and get them sorted


Each release is just a line in the sand

There will always be more to add to keep wowing the punters


Tutorials, training courses, mentoring and more

Teach your customers how to maximise the value of their purchase

What’s the point of creating a feature if hardly anyone uses it?


I once wrote over 4,000 individual files for a help system

It’s a dull, boring and truly tedious job

It’s also ESSENTIAL if your users are going to be able to help themselves


Don’t hide from your customers

Give them the support they need to solve their problems quickly and efficiently

Forums, online chat, email, phone staff…whatever

Use as many channels as you can to help them

All your customers want is for your software to solve their problems

Making the platform is the hard bit

It would be a shame to muck it up post sale

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