Our Services

MarshallFloyd is your virtual CIO, offering strategic consulting services, providing support and expertise in IT decision making.

Whether you’re looking for new hardware, managed services, buying package software, customising a package, or developing your own, MarshallFloyd has the experience to help you find the right vendor and the right solution to match your business needs.

IT Strategy, System Design and Architecture

IT systems are tools of the business and should be designed to meet the needs of an organisation today and in to the foreseeable future.

MarshallFloyd can help you

  • Align your solutions with you business requirements
  • Justify budgetary requirements
  • Develop System Specifications
  • Develop System Designs
  • Project Manage Implementations

IT Audit

An IT Audit is a far more in depth look at how your IT systems serve your business needs. Subjects reviewed include

  • It Health Check
  • Detailed review of software systems
  • Detailed review of ad hoc “production” systems
  • User interaction with systems
  • Training requirements
  • Identify pain points
  • Identify IT system new opportunities

IT Health Check

An IT Health Check is a review of your existing systems. You can think of this as similar to an annual service for your car, making sure that everything is much as it should be. Subjects reviewed include:

  • Networks
  • Hardware
  • Software and Licensing
  • Support Requirements
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Website Review
  • Risk Management
  • Identify Remedial Actions