What We Do

Make Your People More Profitable

We offer the “Profitable People Program”, providing you with your own virtual CIO who will help you increase productivity, improve morale, boost revenues and retain more customers.

This 3 step iterative process follows the 5 key principles of our FASES methodology ensuring that over time your IT provides a solid FOUNDATION, giving your team the ASSISTANCE that it needs, SIMPLIFYING your activities, helping you ENGAGE with your customers, and ultimately developing an investment strategy to STRENGTHEN your organisation.


This first investigative phase of the program taps in to your team’s exceptional knowledge of your business and customers.

By engaging with your employees and recording a series of diagnostic metrics including how usable the system is, how well it performs and its reliability, we gain an excellent insight in to your organisation, its systems and how they are performing today.

This initial diagnosis not only helps us understand your business, it also creates a baseline set of values against which all future work can be measured.


Using the output of the diagnostic process, you’ll be able to see the areas of your IT that are most in need of immediate attention, those that may need some tuning and those that are supporting your business and working well.

By assessing this data in the context of your business and marketing strategies, we can design a practical and pragmatic approach that ensures that your IT is aligned with your overall corporate strategy.


Implementing the plan may require collaboration between a variety of specialist service providers.

We work with you on an ongoing basis to help you find industry experts and vendors, ensuring that your strategy is the driving force behind all of your IT decision making.


Try the $1000* health check. This is a full day investigation that can highlight the potential for enormous savings, and it’s FREE if you subsequently sign up for the Profitable People Program.

Subscribe to the full program and get unlimited access to your virtual CIO for less than $99* per day, giving you unlimited** emails, calls, meetings, coffees, lunches…rounds of golf…or whatever, with one simple subscription based on the size of your organisation and an estimate of your needs.

When your project ends, our services don’t.

* All quoted prices exclusive of GST
** Within reason!